Welcome to Tiger Parent and Family Central!

Although your child may have left home to attend ECU, we know that you still want to stay informed and feel like you’re a part of their daily college life. Attending college is an incredible milestone and a time of transition. While it may be a difficult time for students as they find their way and decide on career paths, we realize that it may also be very hard on you. We see you and we hear you and we are here to help make the transition easier.

Your student needs a support system that will be vital in their success at ECU, so we are excited to partner with our Tiger Parents. Our hope is to bridge the gap between you and the ECU community, share our resources and help your student become the next East Central University graduate.

Last, and most importantly, you now have the opportunity to send an important message to your student that you care about their education and that you want to play a vital role in what your student will be doing for the next four years. A healthy relationship between students and loved ones leads to a positive experience at ECU, so it is our goal to assist parents in their efforts to gather any information that enables them to help their student succeed. Your support now will have a lasting impact on your student’s college journey.




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