What's Greek life all about?
Essentially, Greek life can provide you with opportunities to further your career, increase your personal and professional network, and help you develop inter- and intrapersonal skills all while hanging out with like-minded men and women that feel like family.
So what's with the letters?

The tradition of using Greek letters to name organizations on college campuses has been around for over 200 years; since 1776. Oftentimes the letters are chosen to represent an organization that reflects the deeper meaning and core values of the organization.
Then what's the big deal?
Imagine knowing things less than 1% of the population knows. Consider being connected to Fortune 500 executives, celebrities, National Champions, Presidents and congress men and women all across the country, all of which, call you brother or sister. Greeks are determined to make an impact on the world. So, when you are at a community service event or raising money for charity, when you are playing on an intramural team or attending a leadership conference; you are developing the skills and potential within yourself to change the world.

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Michelle Allen, Coordinator
Student Leadership Development & Activities
Bill S. Cole University Center
Room 152

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